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Hose-connectors are components that are suitable for connecting two hoses together. They have a thin neck through which you can push the hose.

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While the size of the nozzle in most areas is approximately equal to the inner diameter of the tube, it usually has a small protrusion with a larger circumference. Since the hoses are usually slightly flexible, it is still possible to push them over this device. They then sit very tight, so there is a secure connection. If firm grip is required, you can also attach a hose-clamps such a device is useful, for example, when tensile forces act on the hoses. Even if dangerous substances are transported, additional protection may be useful. The connectors ensure a quick and easy connection in any case. Therefore, there is no problem if you need to occasionally resolve the connection.

Various applications for hose connectors

The tubing connectors that you can purchase from fluid24 are suitable for a variety of laboratory applications. For example, they can be used to set up experiments in the field of chemistry or biochemistry and to carry out chemical dosing. In the field of medical technology, they are often used to provide patients with infusions of medication. However, they are not only used for liquids, but also for gases. Therefore, they are also suitable for therapeutic oxygenation. Further applications exist in the areas of air conditioning technology as well as in fuel technology. Here you can connect hoses for coolant or fuel. In the printing area they allow targeted ink delivery. Also in the food industry corresponding connectors are often used. Here, for example, they enable machines to be supplied with the necessary ingredients. Another application example is water technology: In this way hoses can be connected to water plants or perform cleaning work.

The properties of the materials

For fluid24 you will find connectors for hoses made of nylon or polypropylene. Both materials are suitable for a variety of applications. For example, they are completely waterproof so that the fluids can not escape. In contrast to metallic materials, permanent contact with water also has no negative effects on the service life of the components. This is the case even if different salts are dissolved in the liquid. In addition, it is ensured that the connectors do not give any foreign matter to the contents. This is very important especially for use in food production and in the medical field. Although the two materials are quite similar, there are still some differences. Therefore, it is advisable to pay close attention to what material is better for your intended use when buying. Nylon hose connectors, for example, are very resistant to fuels and lubricants. For this reason, you can use them to set up the fuel line on a vehicle or the oil circuit. In addition, they are suitable for both very cold and very hot temperatures. Another characteristic is that this material is extremely resistant to abrasion. Therefore, it is suitable for applications where other components rub against the connector. Polypropylene hose connectors, on the other hand, are slightly harder and are also characterized by the fact that they have little fatigue when bent. For this reason they are suitable for applications with high mechanical stress. In addition, the material is insensitive to acids and alkalis, insofar as they are not oxidizing. As a result, you can carry out many chemical experiments.

Hose connectors in different designs

Fluid24 provide many different connectors so you can find a suitable model for every application. In addition to the options already listed with regard to the material, there are also important differences that affect the design. The simplest models are straight connectors these have at each end a spigot whose axes are on the same line. An alternative is to use an l-piece If you want to connect three cables together, you can use a t-piece This is suitable, for example, to divide a supply line on two hoses or to merge two different supply lines to a single drain. In addition, the individual offers differ in terms of the size of the hoses they are intended to be connected to. You can buy all three types in many common sizes. The smallest diameter is 1.5 mm. The largest alternative available with fluid24 is for 8 mm diameter hoses.

Criteria for the selection of connectors:

  • Material (nylon or polypropylene connector)
  • Type (straight, L or T-shape)
  • Diameter of the hoses used