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Buy cheap plug connectors in the online shop

With the right connection, it is easy to connect any pipe or other element at any time. Our pneumatic connectors are therefore a popular device to provide complete assembly without any additional tools and to benefit from the concept of compressed air. Convince yourself and have a look at the various categories of our shop concerning the appropriate plug connections.

 Plug connections plastic-

Plug connections plastic

 Plug connections compact CDC pneumatics-

Plug connections compact CDC pneumatics

 Plug connections nickel-plated brass -

Plug connections nickel-plated brass

Plug connections Nickel-plated brass with T.E.A surface treatment-

Plug connections Nickel-plated brass with T.E.A surface treatment

 Plug connections POM-

Plug connections POM

Univer connections-

Univer connections

SMC connections-

SMC connections

Fast and tool-free assembly

More comfort than with the right plug connections is difficult to produce. These can be easily solved at any time and connected elsewhere to best meet industrial functions. The concept is based on the compressed air coupling, which can be implemented at any time with the help of a secure screw connection. Different materials from our shop lead on this basis to a simplification of the assembly, so that for each area of application the desired execution exists.

The pneumatic connectors also allow a high level of flexibility for different pressure ranges. These can be used without problems, for example, between -1 and 20 bar without sacrificing the quality of the execution. The connections made of the right materials are therefore also a safe choice for environments with rough vacuum, which makes it possible to use the various structures in a temperature range from -20 degrees to 80 degrees.

An enormous variety for the right connection

Mounting and dismounting does not necessarily have to be a problem. With the right connector, this process does not take much time, so you can always find the solutions you need quickly. Our offers convince with an outstanding material quality and a good structure, which we provide in the following versions in our shop:

Depending on the material, the area of use differs, as each structure in turn has different properties. With the help of our innovative designs, we can therefore find the desired solution for each task, which does not have to be searched for long with the extensive products in our shop. In this way, we combine a practical application with the necessary innovation, which makes our products a good choice, even in sensitive areas. Therefore, choose a secure connection and rely on the right material.

Get the overview you want

What at first glance looks like an unbelievable amount of offers, can be easily surveyed on closer inspection. With a wide range of products, we are always happy to assist you and help you to come back to solid connections. With the help of the compressed air coupling, the assembly does not have to be complicated with complex connection work, so that the individual pieces can be linked quickly and easily. Therefore simply come back to the desired shapes, sizes and materials and set around the various offers on an outstanding quality.