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Polyurethane (PU / PUR)-

Polyurethane (PU / PUR)

Polyethylene (PE)-

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyamide (PA)-

Polyamide (PA)





Hose clamps-

Hose clamps


Hoses for conveying and transferring liquid or even gaseous substances. In contrast to a pipeline, the hose is flexible and can also be used on moving fittings and equipment as well as in hard-to-reach areas. Depending on the intended use, hoses are subjected to varying degrees of mechanical, thermal, chemical or even electrical stress. In order to be able to withstand the respective requirements, the models are offered in different materials and cross-section sizes. The flow volume depends on the diameter of the hose, but the total pressure (static and dynamic pressure) is not. For this, however, the laying form plays a major role. A hose that has just been laid has a lower pressure loss than a product that is laid in bends. This is due to the lower friction, which in turn depends on the pumped medium, the hose diameter, the conveying speed and the smoothness of the inner tube wall. Despite all the stresses, hoses must remain flexible and must neither contract nor expand. For example, polyethylene must not soften or become brittle.

High quality plastic tubing for different areas

High quality plastic tubing for different areas

Hoses made of polyurethane, so-called PUR hoses, are used in many areas due to their high tear resistance, very good resistance to cold and minimal deformation after long-term exposure. The models made of high-quality, durable plastic are very well suited for gas, water and compressed air applications. The operating temperature range is from -35 ° C to +60 ° C. In the large stock of fluid24 you will find PUR-standard hose and PUR hoses with food certificate in all common tube sizes and colors, including transparent models, all of course in high quality and with a short delivery time. The maximum operating pressure is 17 bar, depending on the hose model. Polyethylene hoses are particularly suitable for measuring, control and laboratory technology as well as for container and apparatus construction. The thermoplastic material offers high resistance to acids, alkalis and salt solutions. The operating temperature range is -10 to +40 ° C. These hoses with a maximum operating pressure of 20 bar are also available in all common sizes and different hose colors polyamide . The operating temperature range of our PA hoses is between -20 and +60 ° C. These plastic hoses are also available in different sizes and colors, the maximum pressure is 20 bar. PVC fabric hoses are used in a variety of applications ranging from water, gas and compressed air applications to food and oil applications. They can convince with their high flexibility, chemical resistance and pressure resistance. The PTFE hoses have a high resistance to aggressive media and a non-stick effect, which makes them suitable for professional use in the laboratory. The operating temperature range of -200 to +250 ° C is particularly comprehensive, so that these hoses can be used for almost all applications.

Hoses for every purpose at fluid24

At fluid24 you can buy the right hose for every need, from the industrial hose to the hose for laboratory use. In our online shop, we offer high-quality hoses at reasonable prices, for example in the fields of industry, filter technology, pharmaceutical technology, control technology, measurement technology, analysis technology, tank construction and many more. Through our large warehouse, we can ship the goods quickly and thus guarantee short delivery times. For the trade we offer special conditions. If you have any questions about the purchase of certain products or certificates, our expert staff will be happy to help and advise you.