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Shut-off valves with short delivery times in the online shop

Ball valves electric-

Ball valves electric

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Angle Seat Valves

Hand operated ball valves-

Hand operated ball valves

Check valves-

Check valves




for sanitary engineering and drinking water applications, heating systems as well as air conditioning and compressed air systems. In heating technology and in air conditioning technology, the shut-off valve is also equipped with a dirt trap. This is used for regular cleaning and control of the fluid and thus prevents clogging of the piping system or damage to the valve. The shut-off valve in the form of Manually actuated or electric ball valve is placed in front of the Y-filter so that it can be opened at any time. The advantage of the ball valve for manually operated operations is that it can be used due to its perfect tightness even at very high pressure and is completely closed with a rotation of 90 degrees. Depending on the model, the housing is made of nickel-plated or chromed brass. The latter is mainly used in the drinking water sector.

If the ball valve is manually operated, a 90 ° rotation is sufficient to stop the flow

If the ball valve is manually operated, a 90 ° rotation is sufficient to stop the flow

If the ball valve is manually operated, it can be operated with a lever handle or a wing - again, it depends on the model. A pierced ball inside serves as a shut-off. With a 90-degree turn, the flow is completely interrupted. The bore of the ball has the same diameter as the pipe, so that a full flow is ensured when the tap is open and there are only small flow losses. By contrast, our 3-way hand operated ball valves cheap electrical are equipped with an L or T hole instead of a through hole. This allows a distribution of the flowing medium on two different pipe systems. In addition to our standardized ball valve for manual operations for compressed air, water, fuels, heating oil, lubricants and solvents, we also offer Drinking water ball valves with appropriate drinking water approval according to DVGW / DIN13828. The pressure range for these models is between 0 and 50 bar. Our flammable gas ball valves have the EN331 / DVGW approval and are particularly suitable for gas installations in the house. To prevent gas from escaping, these models have a closed floor. The operating temperature range is between -20 ° C and + 60 ° C, the pressure range between 0 and 5 bar.

Ball valves with electrical elements are suitable for electronically controlled systems

Ball valves with electrical elements are suitable for electronically controlled systems

If the ball valve operates electrically, it is driven by a motor, the so-called actuator. These are indispensable in modern, electronically controlled systems. Our Sintesi and Diamant PRO All-in-One Bidirectional actuators enable the operation of 2-way and 3-way ball valves. The rotating arrow gives information about the respective ball position. Ball valves, which are operated electrically, are particularly suitable for the regulation of heating and cooling systems, for water applications as well as for industrial, thermal power and automation systems. We offer ball valves electrically with both internal and external threads according to ISO 228/1. The pressure range is 0 to 16 bar. For particularly heavy tasks we recommend the Diamant PRO series, for general applications the Sintesi series is sufficient. All ball valves may only be used for media against which they are resistant. In addition, they must be cleaned or filtered, otherwise they could damage the housing or the seals of the tap. For this reason, Mudflap so-called Y-filters are introduced into the house installation. They have female thread connections according to ISO 228/1 and inspection plugs. Our Y-filters are made of brass. Contaminants are held up by the sieve and thus can not get into the pipe system. Regular cleaning ensures trouble-free operation of the respective system.

Check valves indicate the flow direction

Check valves indicate the flow direction

In addition to ball valves and Y-filters, the different systems are often also check-valves equipped with check valves. These valves allow the medium to flow in one direction only and prevent backflow. In spring-loaded check valves a spring pushes the corresponding closure element in the form of a ball, a cone, a flap or a membrane in the respective seat, so that the medium flowing through it can not flow back. In our shop you will find valves made of brass, brass nickel plated and plastic. The brass and nickel-plated brass models are particularly suitable for water supply as well as for heating, air conditioning and compressed air systems. These are equipped with female thread connections according to ISO 228/1. In contrast, plastic valves are used in the areas of water, air, gas and chemicals and have hose connection sizes from 8.0 to 12.0 mm. The pressure range of the plastic valves is 0 to 10 bar.