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Pneumatic systems are ideal for implementing drive systems simply and economically. Compressed air is used for energy transfer, which is provided by a central compressor. Pipelines or hoses transport the compressed air to where it is used, where cylinders provide a straightforward power transmission. If more of a rotary motion is required, alternatively offers a compressed air motor. The key advantage of pneumatics is that the components are simple to produce and therefore relatively cheap. Pneumatic systems are often used in conveyor or drive technology. In addition, they play an important role in the automated handling of workpieces. This makes it possible to grasp the individual objects, move them or clamp them for editing. Automatic control of these systems is quite simple: there are many solenoid valves that you only need to connect to the control unit via a cable. Electric impulses can then be used to open or close the corresponding leads so that the drive elements automatically perform the motion that you need.

Pneumatic cylinder: important for power transmission

Pneumatic cylinder: important for power transmission

Cylinders are the drive units in pneumatic systems and transfer the power from the compressed air system to the workpieces. These components have gotten their name because they consist of a cylindrical hollow body. This is a movably mounted piston. If you now direct compressed air into the area of the cylinder that is covered by the piston, the overpressure presses the piston outwards. So he can exercise power to hold something or clamp. It also makes it possible to move objects - for example, to bring the required starting materials to a machine. As a rule, the cylinders are standardized. This allows you to replace the components as needed and replace them with new ones that have exactly the same shape and function. These standardized products are also called ISO cylinders. Within this product category, there are both single-acting and double-acting ISO cylinders. In the first case, there is only one compressed air connection, which makes it possible to extend the piston only. He is then reset by a small spring. Although a high force is needed for the backward movement, this is not enough. In such a case, double-acting models are used, which also have a compressed air connection in the front area. So it is possible to bring the piston with high force in its original position.

Pneumatic valves for precise control of the systems

Pneumatic valves for precise control of the systems

For the control of the individual cylinders and air motors one usually uses directional control valves. They can block or release a line and in many cases also change the direction of flow. Within the directional valves, however, there are many different variants with different functions. Frequently, the pneumatic valves have the name 5/2-way. This means that the product has five connections and two switch positions. Most of the connections are the compressed air supply and two lines that allow you to connect pneumatic actuators - there are also two venting ports. Of course, many more options are available for the number of connectors and switch positions. So you will find the right pneumatic valves for very different applications. Further differences between the individual products can be seen in the type of control: Many models use an electromagnet for this, so that the control unit can open or close them by means of current pulses. However, there are also pilot valves & miniature valves that turn on depending on the pressure conditions inside the piping system. Of course, there are also standard valves for uniform production. Valves with NAMUR certification, for example, comply with the guidelines. Suitable accessories and spare parts can also be found at accessories & spare parts you will also find it at

Preparation of compressed air and maintenance units

Preparation of compressed air and maintenance units

Pneumatic valves and actuators are sensitive components that are sensitive to confounding factors. A major problem with many pneumatic systems is therefore contamination of the compressed air. If there is oil in the pipes, it can attack the seals of the valves, causing a leak in the pipe and therefore a loss of energy. Dust and dirt can restrict the movement of the cylinder piston, so that it can no longer bring its full performance. A lot of moisture also causes rust to form more quickly. For these reasons, compressed air preparation is very important. For this purpose, you can use a filter that remove all foreign bodies from the air. You have the choice of products for different particle sizes - depending on the required degree of purity. On the other hand, there are refrigeration dryers, which reliably reduce the humidity. Nevertheless, should it ever come to an impurity or other defect, it is important that the damage is easy to fix. The refore you should maintenance units ideally integrate the maintenance units immediately into the pipes. This will allow you to get to the affected areas quickly and easily and perform the necessary maintenance without any problems.