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Buy Pilot Valves & Miniature Valves for Pneumatic

Pilot valves and miniature valves are assigned to the pneumatic valves. Since they are based on compressed air, there are a variety of applications in a variety of areas. Pilot valves and miniature valves are used in vehicle technology as well as in various everyday situations. Primarily, pneumatic valves ensure the proper control of a pneumatic drive and cylinders. Miniature valves are usually smaller in size and are mostly used as pilot valves. These can be operated with a lower switching pulse.

Nominal diameter [mm]
valve type
operating pressure
connecting thread
Hose size 1 [mm]
Hose size 2 [mm]

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Items 1 to 48 of 57 total

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How to find your pilot valves and miniature valves with us:

In our category pneumatic or pneumatic valves you will find the pilot valves and miniature valves in the first place. You can buy these favorable in various models. For easier selection or findability of your desired pilot valves and miniature valves, we offer you our five practical filters. These can be found directly above the tiles with the individual products.

The first filter shows you the availability of the valves. So, whether you can get them in a timely manner or if it will take a few weeks before we have your valves back in stock and ready to ship. Then you will find under the filter manufacturer the possible producers of pilot valves and miniature valves. UNIVER offers a wide selection of valves, but the manufacturer SMC is also represented in our offer.

Under Connection you will find all possible connection types. There you can choose whether your valve should be mounted on a base plate or have other interfaces. With the valve types, you also have a wide range of options. In the last filter for the pilot valves and miniature valves you will find the monostable models.

You should pay attention to this when buying your pilot valves and miniature valves:

  • Ambient temperature in ° C
  • maximum pressure in bar
  • Power consumption in W & VA
  • Voltage in V
  • Nominal diameter in mm
  • Nominal flow in NI / min

Further information on our pilot valves and miniature valves

In addition to nano-valves and microvalves, miniature valves also include mini-valves, where the connections are usually standardized. This does not only facilitate installation but also maintenance. In addition, the combination of different manufacturers in the miniature valves is possible.

The miniature valves from our diverse selection are mostly pilot valves. These are used to make pilot operated valves easier to operate. Because if you open a pilot valve, compressed air flows through it and thus actuates the respective pilot operated valve. For this purpose, a smaller switching pulse is required, as in the operation of the pneumatic and mechanical and electrical valves. This is very helpful in various applications. Pilot valves distinguish between pneumatically actuated valves and solenoid valves. In addition, a distinction must be made between different shift positions and way variants.