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Buy cheap couplings and connectors

Hoses and piping play an important role in both home automation and industrial applications to easily and continuously transport gases and liquids. Also in laboratories and in medicine such devices are often used. From time to time, however, it can be problematic to connect the individual hoses and pipes with each other.

Threaded fittings-

Threaded fittings



Quick couplings plastic-

Quick couplings plastic

Hose connector-

Hose connector

Plug connections-

Plug connections

Quick connectors-

Quick connectors

Compression fittings-

Compression fittings

Quick couplings plastic-

Quick couplings plastic

Quick couplings compressed air-

Quick couplings compressed air

Quick couplings for fluids-

Quick couplings for fluids


To make this task easier, special fittings and couplings are available. Depending on the field of application, these systems use different systems to securely connect the individual components of the cable. In homes and many other buildings, for example, they are used in water supply. In addition, it is thus possible to connect tubes for ventilation with each other. When used in laboratories and medicine, the corresponding products help to separate or mix different substances. In the industrial sector, you can use couplings and fittings to supply your machines with the required consumables. Often, they provide water to the equipment, but they can also carry lubricating oil, fuel or other liquids. The variety of application areas mean that there are very different models, each of which is suitable for a specific task. At fluid24 you will find many products that allow you to connect hoses and pipelines quickly and safely.

Quick couplings for laboratory and industrial applications

Quick couplings for laboratory and industrial applications

The use of a coupling is always useful if the hoses or pipes are not permanently connected to each other, but should remain separable. This brings a high degree of flexibility. This makes it possible, for example, to use industrial machines in different locations and still provide them with the necessary supplies without any problems. To make the connection easy and time-saving, quick couplings available. These use a simple plug-in system, so the connection is made in seconds. This is not only very practical for industrial applications, but also in the field of laboratory technology, biochemistry, medicine and air conditioning technology. There are so-called male and female versions that can easily be put together. Many models come with a handy closure valve that opens automatically as soon as the connection is made. If you interrupt it again, it closes. This prevents the substances from leaking. There are also special quick couplings that are suitable for connecting a bag or other container.

Threaded fittings and hose nozzles for building services

Threaded fittings and hose nozzles for building services

The connection technology also plays an important role in the field of assembly and building technology. Here, the piping systems are often used in the water supply. In addition, you can also transport various gases with it. In order to join the individual components of the pipe systems, it is possible to use threaded fittings . Although this type of connection can also be separated again, the process is significantly more complex compared to the quick-release systems. Therefore, the corresponding components are used primarily in permanent installations. There are threaded fittings that perform very different functions. double nipple and threaded sleeve are suitable for connecting two pipes together. If these have different diameters, it is advisable to use a reducers use. With angle connector the direction of the pipes can be changed. There are also y piece and T-piece , that allow you to branch the pipe system. This allows liquids and gases to be transported to different locations. Should it be necessary to branch the supply line to three different lines, a cross connector is recommended. Furthermore closure stopper , with which it is possible to safely close an unneeded pipe. Threadlockers and thread sealants ensure that the connection is always tight and tight. In the field of connection technology, it is often necessary to connect a pipe with a hose. Here, hose are used. These usually have a thread at one end, which serves to screw the component firmly to the pipe. At the other end there is a spigot on which you can put on a hose. The special profile creates firm grip. For even better protection, you can also hose clamps attach a hose clamp. The hose nozzles are available for hoses with different diameters.

Materials for the production of couplings and fittings

Materials for the production of couplings and fittings

In many cases, the fittings and couplings, which are used in the connection technology, made of a high quality plastic. This material is characterized by the fact that it is very easy to manufacture and process. As a result, the corresponding products are relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, they offer a high quality. The material is dimensionally stable and resistant to numerous chemicals, making it suitable for a variety of applications in the field of process engineering. He is also quite heat resistant. For some plastic fittings the surface texture is extremely smooth, preventing solids from settling on it. This will prevent the connectors from clogging. Another alternative is to use nickel plated brass This material is extremely robust, making it suitable for applications with high mechanical stress. This is often of great benefit when used in the industry. When the brass is nickel plated, it is also very resistant to oxidation and exposure to chemicals. Also stainless steel are characterized by high strength and excellent resistance.