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Fluidic components for a variety of applications in the industry, the supply engineering, medical technology and analytics as well as for a variety of machines and devices: Fluid24 is the specialized online shop for business customers and resellers who value both quality and personal advice, wide selection and fast delivery. From controllable valves and shut-off valves, through extensive installation accessories to high-quality hose components, Fluid24 offers industry-proven quality from brand manufacturers. Here you will find solutions for irrigation technology and building services as well as for applications in the areas of automation, pneumatics, hydraulics or all-fluid. Among them, designs and material versions with food or drinking water approval and with suitability for analysis technology are available.

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Pneumatics, hydraulics and all-fluid: Fluidic solutions are highly individualized, as are gas, air and water technical installations. Therefore, our specialists are always happy to answer any questions you have about special requirements. By phone or e-mail, you will quickly and competently receive answers and advice on component selection. Feel free to contact us personally if you need component specifications that are not listed in the online shop.

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Our well-stocked and well-equipped warehouse allows us a very fast delivery. The current availability of the individual components is already indicated during the order selection. With the optional express delivery, we enable fast delivery for particularly urgent items. Orders for stocked items are usually shipped before 13:00 the same day.

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Fluid24 - Online Shop for Fluidic Components offers a wide range of pneumatic products such as pumps, valves, fittings and accessories. Customer satisfaction, competent advice, professional service and fast deliveries are as natural for us as an optimal price-performance ratio. From medical technology to industry, we offer wholesale components for a wide range of applications. Our offer is aimed at traders.

Solenoid valves, pneumatics, shut-off valves & accessories - Fluid24 onlineshop

Ventile und Zubehör für einen präzisen Fluss A core component of fluidics are high quality solenoid valves. They are characterized by a low reaction time and are due to their easy controllability well suited for automation tasks in the process or irrigation technology, in building services installations as well as in various devices and machines. Thus, they can be found in almost all areas of pneumatics, hydraulics and all fluid. Fluid24 offers a comprehensive range of solenoid valves from M & M International as well as suitable solenoid coils for operating voltages of 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 230 V. This modular design makes the solenoid valves particularly easy to maintain. In addition, you will receive associated device plugs and seals in various designs. Brass, stainless steel or plastic solenoid valves are available as 2- or 3-way valves, servo, positive or direct controlled. The valves are each NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open), in versions for example for


Our angle seat valves allow high flow rates with low pressure drop. The valves made of red brass or stainless steel are available in different connection variants and for pressure ranges from 0 to 20 bar (g). The control heads of the valves are available in different sizes. The high-quality angle seat control valves from M & M International are also available as bidirectional or double-acting bidirectional versions. The 3-way pilot solenoid valves, specially developed for the M & M angle seat valves, are made of nickel-plated brass and are directly controlled. Again, you have the choice of different control head sizes.

Hoses and connectors for installation

Hoses and connectors for installation In our online shop you will find tubes with inner diameters from 2 to 13 millimeters for a variety of applications; These include, for example, process engineering or medical and analytical technology. They are also used for compressed air, gases, oils, food, as well as in the use of pneumatics, hydraulics and all-fluid. Different versions are certified for specific applications and applications. Our offer includes hoses made of polyethylene, silicone or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Reliable hose connections are made possible by our quick couplings, luer fittings, hose nozzles and hose connectors. Quick couplings are available in various plastic versions, with or without a shut-off valve. We offer spouts in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel or plastic. High-quality hose connectors are available straight as well as L- or T-pieces.

Shut-off valves for many applications

Shut-off valves for many applications For green irrigation systems, for building services gas, heating and sanitary technology and also for compressed air systems you will find in our offer in addition to suitable solenoid valves and angle seat valves also shut-off valves and accessories made of nickel-plated brass, plastic or brass such as

Our ball valves have full passage, so do not narrow the pipe cross section. You will also find 3-way ball valves in our online shop as well as ball valve designs approved for drinking water or flammable gases. Water pressure regulators from the manufacturer RPE made of plastic are suitable up to an inlet pressure of 10 bar, the regulators of the manufacturer ITAP made of nickel-plated brass up to 15 bar. In addition to irrigation technology and domestic installations, RPE pressure regulators are also used in many home appliances. Water hammer dampers manufactured by WATTS are manufactured in stainless steel with a nominal width of 15 millimeters for an operating pressure of 0 to 10 bar.