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Hand Operated Ball Valves for Allfluid buy cheap online

Standard ball valves-

Standard ball valves

Drinking water ball valves, DVGW / DIN13828 approval-

Drinking water ball valves, DVGW / DIN13828 approval

Ball valves for combustible gases, EN331 / DVGW approval-

Ball valves for combustible gases, EN331 / DVGW approval

3-way ball valves-

3-way ball valves


For some media in the food sector or even for gas or biogas, special DVGW approvals are required to ensure a reliable, technically sound and safe water and gas supply. Here you will find ball valves that have the required approvals. If the flow of the medium is to be completely interrupted, a rotation of the lever or sash by 90 ° is sufficient. Ball valves are permanently installed in the piping system. The system can be made of steel, stainless steel, copper or even plastic. Inside the faucet is a pierced ball, whose bore has the same diameter as the piping to which the ball valve is connected. As a result, only low flow losses occur at full flow. If the lever is turned 90 °, the ball acts as a shut-off device. Thanks to its precisely fitting seal seat, it withstands very high pressures. In addition to the low pressure loss and the low tendency to blockage is a major advantage of the manually operated ball valve. In our online shop, we offer our customers

in sizes of 1/4 ", 3/8", 1/2 ", 3/4" and 1 "at reasonable prices. Our large warehouse guarantees short delivery times, so that the goods arrive quickly even in urgent projects.

Ball valves for domestic installation and water supply

The standard ball valve manually operated we offer you with different handle shapes, a red wing and also a red lever. The ITAP SpA models are suitable for both compressed air and water, as well as fuels, fuel oil, lubricants, solvents and other fluids that do not attack the housing. So you can use them for water supply systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems and compressed air systems. For steam applications, however, these ball valves are not suitable. The housings are made of nickel-plated brass, the sealing material is durable PTFE. The threaded connections used comply with the ISO 228/1 standard. The operating temperature range of the standard ball valves is -20 ° C up to +150 ° C and the maximum operating pressure is 50 bar. For the drinking water sector you need ball valves with a drinking water approval according to DVGW / DIN13828. Our models of the brand ITAP SpA are equipped with this approval. They also have an anti-Legionella function. This prevents the accumulation and spread of harmful bacteria. However, these are also not suitable for steam applications. The threaded connections comply with the ISO 228/1 standard. The handles, also wing- or lever, are colored green. The housing is made of chromed brass, the sealing material also made of PTFE. The operating temperature range of the ball valves manually operated for drinking water is -20 ° C to +150 ° C, the maximum pressure range depending on the model at a maximum of 50 bar. If you would like to distribute the inflowing fluid over two pipe systems, we recommend a 3-way ball valve.

2-way and 3-way ball valves

Like our standard manual ball valves, our 3-way ball valves are also suitable for compressed air, water, fuel, fuel oil, lubricants, solvents, and any media that does not attack the housing or seal. Instead of a through hole, the ball is provided with a t-bore or l-bore. This ensures a distribution of the flowing medium to two laxative pipe systems. These ball valves are also not suitable for steam applications. The threaded connections in the ball valve, manually operated, also comply with the ISO 228/1 standard. The housing is made of nickel-plated brass, the PTFE sealing material. The operating temperature range of our 3-way ball valves is -20 ° C to +150 ° C. They withstand a pressure between 0 and 32 bar. If you want to supply a gas line with a manually operated ball valve, you need a model with the appropriate approval. This can also be purchased from us.

Ball valves for gaseous media

For flammable, gaseous media, you need a manually operated ball valve that has the appropriate EN331 / DVGW approval. For this we offer you special models of the manufacturer ITAP SpA, which are equipped with a yellow wing- or lever-handle .The ball valves have a closed bottom, so that no gas can escape. For steam applications, these ball valves are not designed. The threaded connections also comply with ISO standard 228/1. The housing is made of nickel-plated, rust-resistant brass, also here was used as a sealing material PTFE. The operating temperature range is between -20 ° C and +60 ° C, the pressure range between 0 and 5 bar.

Ball valve, manual, on

At we offer our customers high quality products at very reasonable prices. Thanks to our large warehouse, we can guarantee short delivery times for our goods so that the products arrive within the shortest possible time. Depending on the model, our ball valves have a lever or wing handle as well as a sturdy brass, nickel-plated brass housing or chrome-plated brass. The latter are mainly used for the drinking water sector. With us both private customers and business customers can buy high-quality items at advantageous conditions. For the trade we offer special B2B advantages. In addition to ball valves you will also find various hoses, hose connector, solenoid valves, connectors, pressure switch and much more.