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Solenoid valves for Allfluid with short delivery times

At our store you will find the entire product range of available solenoid valves. Solenoid valves for large flow, automation, air conditioning, high pressure applications, hot water, latching designs, stainless steel, brass or other plastic versions are available.

Water valves - Large flow solenoid valves-

Water valves - Large flow solenoid valves

Plastic solenoid valves-

Plastic solenoid valves

2/2-way and 3/2-way solenoid valves for automation-

2/2-way and 3/2-way solenoid valves for automation

Cartridge valves-

Cartridge valves

Inline valves-

Inline valves

High-pressure solenoid valves-

High-pressure solenoid valves

Steam valves & solenoid valves for hot water-

Steam valves & solenoid valves for hot water

Stainless steel solenoid valves-

Stainless steel solenoid valves

Bistable solenoid valves-

Bistable solenoid valves

ATEX solenoid valves-

ATEX solenoid valves

Proportional valves-

Proportional valves

Solenoid valves for drinking water-

Solenoid valves for drinking water

Solenoid valves for air treatment-

Solenoid valves for air treatment

Solenoid valves for vending machines-

Solenoid valves for vending machines


How does a solenoid valve work?

In the simplest case, these valves use the force of the magnetic field to switch between two states (NC and NO). The control of the valves is generated by the current of the magnetic coil. The magnetic coil then generates the magnetic field which triggers the switching process. In addition to the best-known products, in which the solenoid valve is closed in one state and opened in the other, there are various other forms. For example, there are also changeover valves in which a single input can be switched between two outputs by the electromagnet. In this way, as a simple example, the appropriate control technology can be used to fill a second container after the filling volume of the first has already reached its setpoint. Of course, another control circuit should always ensure that the water supply is switched off in time when the filling volume of both containers is exhausted.

Solenoid valves: Automate control tasks professionally and effectively

The possible uses for such valves are extremely diverse. On the one hand, the suitable products deliver the desired reaction even under high pressure (up to 200 bar). For example, the supply of steam can be effectively regulated. Plastic, brass and stainless steel play an important role as the base materials for the valve body for the production and use of magnetic valves. Here it is important to select the valve that is resistant to the respective application. For the reliable control of hot water and steam, valves made of a heat-resistant material are required. These allow the corresponding supply or the discharge of excess water vapor to be controlled, for example, by an automatic control system. In this way it is possible to react quickly and effectively if the relevant measured values move undesirably. But even the constant supply of hot water can be regulated in this way by an electronic device. Switchable valves can naturally be of great help, especially in industrial processes and can automate technical processes. It is often impossible, especially for medium-sized and big companies to have the various systems continuously monitored by employees. In this way, the personnel can often devote themselves to other, more productive tasks, while the system monitors the various setpoints with the help of appropriate sensors. In the simplest form of regulation, e.g. the valve is just as easily and effectively opened when the vapor pressure is too high and closed again as soon as it has leveled off just above the minimum value. Of course, this only describes one possible form of regulation for illustration purposes only. The regulation suitable for a specific application can deviate significantly from this method. Apart from these applications in industry, this specific type of valve also plays an important role in many household appliances: in dishwashers and washing machines for example, they often perform important water supply and drainage tasks.

Possibilities of use in the irrigation of green spaces

On the other hand, magnetic valves can also be used in garden irrigation. High-quality plastic products are often used here. These can be switched on and off by an electrical current and are therefore ideal for setting up automatic garden irrigation systems in combination with a timer. In a specific simple application, the valve is opened by the electronic control at a certain time. The water flow released in this way then flows through a suitable hose and starts a lawn sprinkler. In this or a similar way, automation of irrigation tasks is often relatively easy. This can quickly pay off, especially for larger systems, and save a lot of unnecessary work. The combination with other electronic devices such as a rain sensor is possible. In this way, the system can be configured so that it is switched depending on the weather. This means that natural resources can be used without having to forego the advantages of an automatic irrigation system.

Possible applications in compressed air applications and compressors

A compressor (compactor) is used to compress air, gas or liquids. Solenoid valves control the flow of the media used in the compressor (suction valve) and out of the compressor (outlet valve). For the compression to work, only 1 valve is open at a time. Regardless of whether in oil-lubricated or oil-free compressors: solenoid valves are required to operate compressors. Solenoid valves are also used in compressed air applications such as conveying systems, rotary hammer drills, charging machines, lifting platforms, paint spray guns, packaging machines and dosing systems.

Using the advantages of solenoid valves

Whatever you have in mind for a specific practical case: offers you the right solenoid valves for many very specific applications. It does not matter whether a defective valve should be replaced or whether an irrigation system should be completely rebuilt. The fact that these products can be switched with electrical current opens up wide possibilities, particularly in the field of automation. But the fast response times of the products in this category have already convinced many of our customers. You should also contact us, especially for larger projects, if you do not find what you are looking for. We will then check whether we can make you a good offer. Magnetic valves are also becoming increasingly important in the field of green area irrigation and are therefore particularly interesting for private individuals outside of household appliances. If you have any further questions or would like advice, please contact us quickly and without obligation.