Pressure switch for pressure monitoring

A pressure switch is a component that can open or close an electrical circuit depending on the pressure conditions. This makes it possible to carry out a certain action as soon as the pressure in a certain system exceeds or falls below a specified value.

Very often the switch activates a mechanism that regulates the pressure conditions. To do this, he can, for example, start a pump or open a solenoid valve. But you can also connect a warning light to the switch or control a completely different process with the pressure. There are models that are suitable for liquids, but you can also find suitable products for controlling the pressure in a gas line. In many cases, the corresponding articles have an important function for the safety of industrial production processes or ensure that the pressure in a line system always remains within specified limit values.

How it works

Usually, pressure switches are mechanical devices with a relatively simple function. The component has a thread with the help of which it is possible to connect it to a pipe system or to a container. Inside there is a flexible membrane that closes the opening. A seal is attached to prevent gases or liquids from escaping. When the pressure is low, the membrane largely maintains its shape. As soon as the pressure increases, however, it bulges outwards. Within the device there are various switching contacts to which an electrical circuit is connected. Depending on the design, these open or close due to the movement that the membrane performs. In some cases, the switch has a suspension that counteracts the movement of the diaphragm. Their hardness can be regulated with a screw nut. In this way, the values ​​at which the switch is activated can be influenced. You can raise the corresponding limit value by tightening the nut. To lower it, it is necessary to loosen the mother a little. The construction of the mechanical switch devices is quite simple, so that they are comparatively inexpensive. However, there are also electronic alternatives. These are characterized by their particular precision.

Different areas of application for the pressure switch

Many households use pressure switches to control water applications. This is useful, for example, if a pump is installed for the service water supply in order to generate the necessary pressure in the pipe system. When the system is started up, the pump increases the pressure in the line. A device for pressure storage is often used, which ensures that the pressure remains permanently at the desired level. If a tap is now opened, the value will slowly decrease. As soon as it falls below a specified value - the so-called switching pressure - the switch is activated, whereupon the pump switches on and brings the pressure back to the desired level. Corresponding devices are often used in industry for pressure monitoring. Many machines and other industrial systems generate high pressure due to their function or require this for energy transmission. However, interference can cause the values ​​to rise above a critical level. In extreme cases, this can cause the machine to explode and cause serious damage. It is therefore always important to install an appropriate switch in pressure applications. This can trigger a warning light and an alarm to alert employees to the problem. In some cases, however, it also makes sense to connect it directly to a solenoid valve to automatically release the pressure. Appropriate protection is very helpful, especially in steam applications, since very high pressure often occurs here. Another important area of ​​application is oil pressure monitoring. In the case of internal combustion engines in particular, it is very important that they are always supplied with lubricating oil. An oil pump is used for this. In order to constantly check their functionality, it also makes sense to use a pressure-sensitive switch in oil applications.

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