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Threaded fittings for valves and pipes in the online shop

Threaded fittings are small components that are used to connect pipes together. Although it is possible to reopen the closure, but this is associated with a certain effort. Therefore, the corresponding articles are used primarily if the connection is to persist permanently or if it is only rarely necessary to solve them.

Threaded fittings nickel-plated brass-

Threaded fittings nickel-plated brass

Threaded fittings stainless steel-

Threaded fittings stainless steel

Threaded fittings plastic-

Threaded fittings plastic

Threaded fittings accessories-

Threaded fittings accessories

Threaded fittings nylon-

Threaded fittings nylon

Threaded fittings PVDF-

Threaded fittings PVDF

Distribution Blocks-

Distribution Blocks




The threaded connectors are therefore in the field of building services in the assembly of piping systems of great importance, since they are firmly mounted and it is not usually required to reopen it. In many cases, they serve to set up the water pipes within a building. In addition, they offer themselves for the installation of gas pipes. Sometimes the fittings are also used in laboratory or medical technology as well as in industry. In doing so, they can be used to distribute various liquids and gases, which are often required in different locations at the appropriate facilities, via a pipe system and thus to transport them to their destination. In these cases, they often allow the connection of a hoses, to transport the fabrics to their final destination.

Threaded fittings in different designs

One of the key selection criteria when buying a fitting is the size of the thread. This is usually stated in inches. Common sizes are 1/8 ", 1/4", 1/2 "and 1", but there are a few more versions. Simple fittings are used to connect two pipes without changing their direction. If the lines you want to install have an internal thread, you need a screw-in connector with an external thread. In the straight version, this is referred to as a double nipple If, however, the tubes have an external thread, a screw-on connector is required. In this case we speak of a threaded sleeve. Sometimes it is also necessary to connect two pipes with different diameters. For this Reducing pieces are available in which the threads have different sizes on both sides. Also in this area there is a large selection of articles that allow the combination of pipes with very different diameters. Finally, there are extension long, that also make a straight connection, but where on one side an internal thread and on the other side an external thread is present. If the pipes are to change direction at the joint, you can use an elbow connector use. A closure stopper makes it possible to securely close a pipe that is not needed so that neither liquids nor gases can escape. Fittings that branch the pipes are also of great importance for the connection technology. You can t piece or y-piece use. A cross-connector even allows to divide the supply line on three different lines. If you select the items, you can buy fittings with cylindrical or conical thread. One possibility is always to connect two cylindrical threads together. However, the connection becomes particularly dense if you use a cylindrical together with a tapered thread.

Fittings for connecting hoses

In some cases, it is necessary to connect a hose to the piping system. This is the case, for example, in hospitals, where oxygen and other frequently required substances are distributed to all rooms via a piping system. To supply the patients, a hose is connected to the pipeline. Even in industrial plants, it may be useful to distribute important supplies through such a piping system to supply the machines with it. To make this possible, the fittings have a thread at one end, while at the other end there is a connection for connecting a hose. For a particularly firm hold is often a union nut available. There are numerous combinations of different thread and hose sizes to choose from. There are straight hose connections, angles and manifolds.

Materials for the production of the fittings

Many threaded fittings are made of metal. This material is characterized among other things by the fact that it is extremely robust. Therefore, it is ideal for use in areas where the cables are exposed to high mechanical stress. For example, in the construction of buildings or in industrial plants, fittings made of metal perform very well. Another property of metals is that they are quite insensitive to heat. Therefore, they are ideal for applications with elevated temperatures. In order to prevent rust formation, materials are used which are very resistant to oxidation. It is possible, for example, connectors made of stainless steel or nickel-plated brass. Both materials do not rust, so they have a very long life. If the brass is nickel-plated, it is even suitable for applications where contact with alkalis or dilute acids may occur. These substances do not damage nickel surface. Another alternative is to use threaded fittings made of plastic Although these are somewhat more sensitive to mechanical force and heat, they are much cheaper. Therefore, they are mainly used when the load on the piping system is low.

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