Ball valves for actuators - pneumatic or electrical

For the ball valves in this category, we offer electric actuators in various versions. These actiators differ in voltage, IP protection class and possible additional options (such as manual emergency operation, limit switches, etc.). The ball valves with ISO 5211 standard connection can be equipped with one of our pneumatic actuators in addition to an electric actuator. Our shop enables the direct configuration of an actuator for the products. Of course, the ball valve can also be ordered without an actuator.

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  1. Ball valve in nickel plated brass, L port/reduced bore, ISO 5211, DN65, PN40,2 1/2", W/W/W SKU:
    Special Price € 377.14 Regular Price € 471.43
  2. Comparato - Ball valve for Sintesi actuator, Full bore, DN20, PN16, 3/4 ", M / M SKU:
    Special Price € 36.40 Regular Price € 45.50
  3. Comparato - Ball valve for Diamant PRO actuator, Full bore, DN25, PN16, 1 ", M / M SKU:
    Special Price € 64.88 Regular Price € 81.10
  4. Comparato - Ball valve for Diamant PRO actuator, full bore, DN20, PN16, 3/4 ", M / M SKU:
    Special Price € 42.56 Regular Price € 53.20
  5. Comparato - Ball valve for Diamant PRO actuator, Full bore, DN15, PN16, 1/2 ", M / M SKU:
    Special Price € 34.88 Regular Price € 43.60
  6. Idrosfer ball valve, stainless steel, flange ISO 5211, DN50, PN63 SKU:
    Special Price € 130.82 Regular Price € 163.52
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Items 1-35 of 126

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Configure electric ball valve

Configure electric ball valve

You can select and order a suitable actuator for our ball valves directly with the product. Our configurator lists the actuators sorted by IP protection class. You can then decide on the voltage and any other extras. The configurator options state whether it is a 2-point, 3-point, a universal (2- & 3-point) or a smart position drive. With 3/2-way ball valves you can still choose between a 90° or a 180° actuator. Two additional limit switches and an emergency manual override are possible as a configuration for larger actuators as a frequent extra option.

The product numbers follow the respective ball valve actuator options. You can find detailed information about these by searching for these actuators on the respective product page. If a large number of options are possible, you can simply expand the list and display more.

Nevertheless, we have limited ourselves to a selection of the most common products for the configurable ball valve actuators. In the category of electric actuators you will find a complete overview of all product variants. Accordingly, you can also add the ball valve to the shopping cart without an actuator and then add another electric actuator. Use our product filter to find a suitable actuator for this and choose one with sufficient torque for the ball valve. The information can be found on the product pages and in the data sheet.



Easily assemble pneumatic ball valves

Pneumatic actuator ball valve configurator

You can use one of our standardized pneumatic actuators for the ball valves with ISO 5211 connection. For this purpose, we have developed a configurator for the ball valves, which selects a suitable actuator for the ball valve after entering the required actuator type (double-acting, spring force opening or spring force closing) and the prevailing pneumatic pressure. After you have filled out the data and clicked on the "Check configuration" button, a new window opens with the recommended actuator. After checking the displayed specifications, you can add the ball valve and the pneumatic actuator to the shopping cart and continue shopping.

Of course, we are always happy to answer any questions.