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Solar & sanitary version IP54-

Solar & sanitary version IP54

Industrial version IP65-

Industrial version IP65

Industrial version IP67-

Industrial version IP67

Ball valves can be found in almost every household. These handy controls can be easily inserted between two water pipes or pipes with other liquids. Inside is a pierced sphere. If the bore runs parallel to the pipe, the flow is easily possible. You can also rotate the ball so that it is perpendicular to the line. The line is then blocked. Such a barrier is used for example in many taps or as a shut-off valve in water pipes of a building. Simple versions have a small lever that you can easily operate by hand. In many cases, however, it makes sense to control the ball valves electrically. In this way, only a current pulse is necessary to open or close the valves. Small electric motors - which are referred to as quarter-turn actuators - then automatically ensure that the taps take the correct position. The task of this part-turn actuators is Norm ISO 5211 Thus, this is a motor that transfers torque to a valve less than a full turn.

Operate ball valves electrically: ideal for automatic controls

Operate ball valves electrically: ideal for automatic controls

Automatic control systems are becoming more and more popular both in industry and in building services. These offer users a high level of comfort. You only have to program the devices once and then worry about nothing else. The control unit handles all tasks fully automatically. Automation is very useful, especially for professional applications. In addition, it is often necessary to control and control water pipes or other piping systems. If your ball valves are electrically operated, they are ideal for this task. You only need to connect the products to the controller. This then emits a corresponding electrical pulse, if it is necessary to change the permeability of the line. In this way, the fully automatic control is quite possible.

Part-turn actuators for many different applications

Part-turn actuators for many different applications

Ball valves with electric drive are very often used in industry. Here they regulate the supply of materials and supplies. In a bottling plant for beverages, it is thus possible, for example, to precisely dose the filling quantity for individual bottles. In addition, these tools are often used in the food industry to fill liquid ingredients in machines. In other industries, an electrically operated ball valve is used to control the supply of lubricants. Actuators are also used in many home systems. Especially in the field of solar and sanitary it is often necessary to precisely regulate the flow rate. For example, the control unit of a heating system uses a sensor to determine the temperature in the corresponding rooms. Based on this information, it transmits the corresponding pulses to the ball valve. Finally, electrically operated actuators are also used in many thermal solar systems to precisely control the flow rate.

Electric ball valves in different designs

Electric ball valves in different designs

In order to easily implement your plans, it is very important to pay close attention to all the details when purchasing ball valves with electric actuator. In this area there are many different versions that are suitable for very different uses. Of great importance is whether it is a 2-way or a 3-way ball valve. In the first case, the product serves only to prevent or allow the flow. In the second case, you can divide the liquid into two different piping systems. There are also bidirectional products that allow for flow in both directions. In other embodiments, the liquid can only pass the ball valve in one direction. Many products also offer manual override. This allows you to control the valve even in the event of a power failure. Likewise, the control method of the quarter turn actuators is very important. Some models are suitable for 2-point driving while other offers are for 3-point driving. In addition, there are all-in-one products that you can use for both methods. Likewise the protection class of the products is very important. If you use electrical equipment such as our ball valves in a humid environment, a proper seal is essential to prevent short circuits and failures. In order to insert the valve in the line, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether an internal or an external thread is necessary.

Important differentiation criteria for electrically operated ball valves:

  • 2-way or 3-way flow
  • Flow in one or both directions possible?
  • Operation possible even in the event of a power failure?
  • Driving method (2-point, 3-point)
  • Internal or external thread