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Buy hose nozzles for your hoses at a low price

Hose nozzles nickel-plated brass-

Hose nozzles nickel-plated brass

Hose nozzles brass-

Hose nozzles brass

Hose nozzles stainless steel-

Hose nozzles stainless steel

Hose nozzles plastic-

Hose nozzles plastic

Schlauchtüllen PP-

Schlauchtüllen PP

Schlauchtüllen HDPE-

Schlauchtüllen HDPE

Schlauchtüllen Nylon-

Schlauchtüllen Nylon

Schlauchtüllen PVDF-

Schlauchtüllen PVDF


A hose is a small component to attach a hose to a piping system. It ensures a reliable connection, which is very dense and prevents the liquids or gases that are transported in the pipes and hoses can escape. Nevertheless, it is very easy to make the appropriate connection, so that only a few seconds are required for this task. Therefore, the articles are great when occasionally it is necessary to disconnect. With valves 24 you can choose from many articles made of different materials and in different sizes.

The construction and the use of the hose nozzle

The spout always has a thread at one end that allows it to be securely attached to the piping system. Although it is possible to loosen the thread again, this type of connection is intended primarily for areas where the union never or only rarely needs to be separated. The thread provides a reliable seal that prevents liquids or gases from escaping. To make the seal very reliable, you can also use teflon tape or a threadlocker At the other end there is a narrow neck on which you can put on the hoses. This has a grooved profile, which provides a firm grip. If high forces act on the connection, you can also hose-clamps attach. This exerts a high pressure and therefore reliably prevents the hoses from slipping off. Such a safety system is also useful when dangerous substances - such as explosive gases - are transported via the pipe system, which could cause serious damage in the event of a leak. The area between the two connection devices is usually designed in hexagonal shape. This makes it easy to tighten the grommet with a standard wrench. Hose nozzles are often used in the field of building services. For example, there are numerous taps for outdoor use or for laundry rooms and garages, which are provided with a spout. In this way, it is easy to attach a garden hose to the plants to pour or perform cleaning work. In the industry these articles are also frequently used. Here they allow different machines to be connected via hoses to a piping system in order to supply them with the necessary supplies. Also in laboratories and in the field of medicine, the corresponding products are often used, for example, to supply patients or experimental arrangements with oxygen from a fixed line system.

Advantages and disadvantages of different materials

The cheapest connectors are made of plastic. This material is not only inexpensive, but also very resistant to the action of water. Numerous other chemicals can not harm the material, making it ideal for many laboratory tests. Another alternative is to use metal grommets. A connector made of this material is characterized by the fact that it is extremely robust against mechanical forces. Therefore, the corresponding products are always recommended when they are exposed to high loads. Another property is that they are extremely heat resistant. If very hot substances are to be transported via the piping system, metal grommets are therefore the right choice. In order to prevent the formation of rust, usually no ordinary steel is used in this area. One possibility is to use brass. This copper alloy is very hard and tends to oxidation only slightly. To ensure even better protection, the nickel plated brass. The coating ensures that even diluted acids and alkalis do not damage the components. Another alternative is to use stainless steel for the manufacture. This material is also characterized by an outstanding hardness and is also rust-resistant.

Further selection criteria

When choosing a grommet for the hose connection, it is important to choose just the right size. Both the hoses and the pipes of the pipe system can have different diameters. There is a wide range of different combinations to choose just the right proportions. Make sure that the diameter of the thread is always specified in inches. Here are models with values between 1/8 "and 1 1/2" to choose from. The hose diameter, however, is numbered in millimeters. Here are many different gradations between 4 and 50 mm available. In addition, it is necessary to check what type of thread the pipes provided for connection have. If they have an internal thread, screw-in-hose is necessary. If, however, an external thread is present, you need a screw-on-hose-nozzle. Finally, the individual products may differ in whether they are equipped with a cylindrical or a conical thread. It is possible to use two cylindrical threads together. The connection is particularly strong due to the combination of a cylindrical and a conical thread. The two components are screwed in until the diameter of the internal thread slightly exceeds that of the external thread. As a result, they jam very tight and also ensure a good seal.

The selection criteria for hose nozzles:

  • material
  • Size of the thread
  • Size of hose connection
  • suitable for internal or external thread
  • cylindrical or conical thread

Buy cheap hose nozzles at fluid24

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