Pneumatic valve with standard connection ISO 5599/1

Standard valves are among the pneumatic valves and are versatile. The compressed air based pneumatic valves are not only used in automotive engineering but also in a variety of everyday applications. In this field of work the pneumatic valves are responsible for the control of pneumatic drives and cylinders. Standard valves are used in this context, above all for the compilation of practical valve systems by which the efficiency is increased.

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How to find your standard valves with us:

In the pneumatics or pneumatic valves category you select standard valves and you can use different filters. First of all, the filter provides you with the availability of receiving information about when your standard valve can be delivered. In terms of the manufacturers you have the choice between Univer and FESTO. Since these are standard valves, there is only one connection option; the interface according to ISO 5599/1. Finally, you have the choice between 3/2 NC, 5/2 way and 5/3 way valve types for your standard valves

You should pay attention to this when buying your standard valves:

  • ambient temperature in °C
  • maximum pressure in bar
  • nominal diameter in mm
  • nominal flow in Nl/min
  • valve housing & sealing 

More information about our standard valves:

The name of the standard valves already reveals a lot; because these are valves with standardized connections. For this reason, you will find only standard valves with the interface according to ISO 5599/1 as connection type. However, different standard valves also have different valve types.
These standard valves are classified under the pneumatic valves and allow easy installation. Likewise, the advantages of the standard valves are in the field of repair and maintenance, which are quite straightforward.
Our standard valves are manufactured for the complication-free mounting on equally standardized manifolds. Based on the ISO standard, the markings of the connection openings and the dimensions of these are determined. So practical and efficient valve systems can be put together and used.