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Sliding valves for pneumatics buy cheap online

While other valves only partially release the nominal cross-section, slide valves offer a free passage in the opened state. This efficiency, together with the low overall height, leads to high conductivities and minimal power losses. Closely associated with high efficiencies, this valve is used in various pneumatic demand groups.

valve type

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When opening and closing the often doubly made valve disc is moved back and forth. If it comes to the closed position, both elements are pressed apart and pressed against the sealing surfaces. Depending on the required direction of movement of the valve slide is distinguished between pendulum, pull and rotary valves. Due to their special construction, most valves are able to seal a differential pressure of 0.1 MPa directly on the valve disk, but can only be opened at a very low differential pressure.

Structure and construction

The basis of all spool valves is the valve body, it holds all other components of the component together. The second most important module is the moving part - namely the closing element. It can be used to open and close the valve connections, but also to connect two or more connections. Through this operation, the movable part can be moved arbitrarily, in order to connect or isolate connections. Thus, one determines the direction of the flowing compressed air.

Meaning in pneumatics

Pneumatic refers to the use of compressed air when using tools or in machine systems. The used ambient air is compressed by means of appropriate components and is used wherever high flow velocities of up to 300 meters per minute are required, using low forces.

Since compressed air is insensitive to environmental influences, pneumatic systems are mainly used in radiation-exposed or corrosive environments, as well as in the event of an explosion hazard. Frequently, the technology finds its application in automation technology and everywhere, where power transmission and control by compressed air is necessary.

Number of (stable) positions

Spool valves or directional valves serve to clear the path for the desired medium, block it or change the flow direction. Depending on the number of stable positions, there are monostable and bistable valves, which either have only a stable position or have up to two stable positions. For larger mergers, three- or multi-position valves perform different distribution tasks.

Switching position in a basic position

In the case of 2/2-way and 3/2-way valves, either the basic position is open or closed. For 3/3-way, 4/3-way and 5/3-way valves there are three variables available: The middle position allows open, closed or vented status.

The commercial identifier is based on the number of existing positions and connections.

  • 2/2
  • 3/2
  • 4/2
  • 5/2
  • 4/3
  • 5/3

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