Connectors for magnetic coils

Form A device plug

Form A device plug

Form B connector

Form B connector

Areas of application for appliance plugs

The cable connectors that you will find at fluid24 are primarily suitable for connecting solenoid coils. These are used to open or close solenoid valves. The magnetic force generated by the coil when electric current is passed through it moves the shut-off device within the valve. Therefore, the device makes it possible, by means of an electrical impulse, to control the flow of liquids or gases through the valve. It is also possible with the plug connection to connect the coil to a rectifier. This is required whenever there is an AC power source but the coil is designed to use DC. By using such a connector, it is very easy to connect the coil quickly and safely. You can also break the contact again without any problems. This is very helpful, as defective coils are easy to replace: since they are not permanently connected to the solenoid valve, this task is very easy to do. By using such a plug, the connection to the power supply is also very easy, so that it only takes a few minutes to fix a defect.

Differences in construction

Unterschiede in der Bauform

If you need a connector, there are many different models to choose from. It is therefore important to make sure that the device socket fits the used magnetic coil. An important distinguishing criterion is the basic design. There are cable sockets of type A and type B. While form A has a square base, form B is rectangular. The different connections are not compatible with each other. It is also important to check the voltage with which the solenoid valve is working. There are many different versions and the device socket must always be designed for the voltage used. For the electrical connector, it does not matter whether DC or AC voltage is used, but it is still important to pay attention to this detail. This is necessary in order to connect the cable plugs to a suitable energy source during installation or to adapt them accordingly. Another decision criterion is whether a cable is available. Many offers are only about the device socket itself. You have to attach the cables that are required for the power supply yourself. However, there are also some device plugs with a cable where the electrical line is already firmly connected. There are different cable lengths to choose from. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose a model with a diode. The small lamp gives you reliable information about the functionality of the electrical connection.

Important criteria when selecting the sockets:


  • Type A or Type B
  • Permissible voltage range
  • Wired or wireless models
  • Led

Buy high-quality device plugs cheaply from fluid24

If you are looking for high-quality connectors for connecting solenoid valves and coils, you have come to the right place at Ventile24. Here you benefit from a supplier who specializes in trading in valves and the corresponding accessories. You always receive competent advice, as all employees have expertise in this specific subject area. In addition, there is a large warehouse, so that many different components are available. Due to the large selection, you can buy the right item for every pipe system at Ventile24. Since a large warehouse also means that the items are usually always in stock, you also benefit from short delivery times. Once the order is received, the staff will ship the items to their destination. Ventile24 is therefore a suitable partner even for urgent projects. However, customers are not only happy about a short delivery time but also about very cheap offers.

Good protection against moisture and other influences

Guter Schutz vor Feuchtigkeit und anderen Einflüssen

The sockets for connecting the magnetic coils are often exposed to high loads. Moisture often occurs in the places where the valves and plugs are used. This is the case, for example, when the device is installed outdoors. But even inside buildings, caution is required. Since the valves are usually used to control water pipes, moisture can escape and damage the electrical lines. Because water conducts electricity, it can cause a short circuit if it comes in contact with the conductors. This leads to high heat development, which not only damages the socket but can also cause dangerous fires. It is important to always adequately protect the connections. Therefore, the offers in this area have protection class IP65. The first digit of this marking indicates that the device is dust-tight. The second value indicates that it is protected against water jets. This gives the installation a high level of security, even in a dirty or damp environment.