Irrigation: solenoid valves, filters, pressure regulators and strainers

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Water dispender

A system for irrigation allows plants to grow even during prolonged droughts. Appropriate irrigation systems are often used in private gardens, parks or other green spaces. Lawn irrigation plays a particularly important role in this. The grass is comparatively sensitive to drought and quickly loses its attractive green colour. By watering the lawn, you ensure that the grass always leaves a erfect visual impression.

Material properties and other selection criteria for the valves

Solenoid valves suitable

If you need a valve or other component for your irrigation system, the material used is one of the most important selection criteria. One possibility is to use a brass solenoid valve. This metal is extremely robust. It withstands both high line pressure and strong mechanical loads from the outside. Therefore, a brass solenoid valve is primarily used when the component is subject to very high stress. This material is also resistant to the effects of heat and chemical stress. In addition, a brass solenoid valve does not emit any harmful substances into the water. Therefore, in most cases it is also suitable for use in systems that serve the drinking water supply. Alternatively, you can use a plastic solenoid valve. This material also withstands line pressure excellently. Although the resistance of the plastic solenoid valve to other loads is not quite as high as that of products made of brass, the values in these areas are sufficient for normal applications. The advantage of plastic solenoid valves is that they are slightly cheaper. However, the material is not the only factor in the purchase decision. In addition, you must note that the valves must always have a thread with a suitable diameter for your pipe system. There are several sizes to choose from. Finally, it is important to ensure that the items come from a producer that guarantees high quality. You can choose from products from brand manufacturers such as M&M International or RPE.

Products for drinking water

Solenoid valves water suitable

In some cases, the irrigation system is not only used to provide water for lawns or vegetable gardens. It is also possible to integrate a garden shed or other extraction points into the system. In these cases it is necessary that the system provides drinking water. This not only requires a suitable source of supply, but also the pipe system must be adapted to this task. The components used for this must not release any harmful substances into the water that could endanger health. To avoid this, it is necessary to use products with the drinking water certificate. These have been intensively checked to ensure good water quality. Therefore, you can safely use these items for irrigation devices where the water is also used for personal enjoyment. To ensure that the water reaches all areas of the garden, it makes sense to use a sprinkler system. This brings the liquid out in fine drops that do not injure the delicate stalks.

In addition, there are also suitable items for watering crops. These are used in private fruit and vegetable gardens as well as in gardenings. It is even possible to use large-scale irrigation systems for agricultural land. Various components are required to set up the system for irrigation. Of course, hoses and pipes are necessary to transport the liquid. If a height difference is to be overcome, a pump must also provide the necessary pressure. Simple systems are already functional with these elements. However, to increase comfort, it makes sense to use valves as well. These ensure easy control. If rainwater is to be used for watering the garden, it is also necessary to filter out foreign matter from the water. Sometimes the pressure also needs to be regulated. This results in a wide selection of valves and accessories that are used for irrigation technology:


Filter devices and other components

Filter devices / dirt traps

In many cases, it makes sense to use rainwater instead of normal tap water for watering green areas. This has several advantages: For example, there are no costs and the use of rainwater protects the environment. Other alternatives for lawn watering are using well water or water from streams or rivers. However, if the water is taken directly from nature, there is the problem that there are often numerous foreign substances in it. Filters and dirt traps are available to remove these. These components direct the water through a grid with tiny openings. The mesh size is so narrow that even the finest suspended matter is retained. In addition, it is possible to open the corresponding components. So you can easily clean them when a lot of dirt particles have accumulated that impede the flow. In addition, there are a few other items that are of great importance for the functioning of the irrigation system. If the inlet pressure in your system is very high, you can use a water pressure regulator. This reduces the pressure and thus prevents components that are designed for low water pressure from being damaged. If there is a risk of water hammer, which can also cause damage to the system due to high pressure, a suitable damper is available.