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Allfluid solenoid valves, irrigation technology, water monitor, water pressure regulator, pressure switch & accessories

Our Allfluid category includes a wide range of solenoid valves, water pressure regulator, pressure switch and other accessories. Above all, the area of application determines the required construction form and the material.

Solenoid valves-

Solenoid valves

Irrigation technology-

Irrigation technology

Valves for dedusting systems-

Valves for dedusting systems

Water Monitor-

Water Monitor

Water pressure regulator-

Water pressure regulator

Pressure switch-

Pressure switch










The following factors influence the suitability of a valve

  • Type of fluid
  • Flow rate and rate
  • pressure range
  • temperature
  • connection options

Whether you you want to control large flow rates , high pressure valves or need food-safe valves , our range is large. Many of the models are made of brass. For some applications, however stainless steel solenoid valves or plastic solenoid valves In addition, the choice of the right membrane material is important because the available variants are suitable for specific fluids and temperature ranges. Our offer includes direct, servo and positively controlled valves with different switching position options as well as different connections and thread dimensions.

Special construction methods and properties of solenoid valves

In addition to mono- we also find bistable solenoid valves, for example from the manufacturer M&M international. The former has a fixed rest position - closed (NC) or open (NO). This does not exist in a bistable valve, the switching pulse always causes a switch between the two possible positions. Another special form are proportional-valves, such as those of the brand ASCO numatics. These do not immediately assume an open or closed position when switching, but allow intermediate positions. So the flow rate is variable. We also offer inline valves among others from Bavaria Fluid Tec. These are opposite input and output, unlike corner angle seat valves. Very small dimensions are possible with cartridge valves which are also referred to as cartridge valves. These can realize very short switching times due to their low mass.

Water pressure regulators, water monitors and valves for domestic and irrigation technology

Water pressure regulators, water monitors and valves for domestic and irrigation technology

An important application for solenoid valves is irrigation technology in gardens, parks and agriculture. Of great advantage is the ability to switch solenoid valves time or sensor controlled. For this and also for the water supply and sanitary technology in the house are valves with large flow. For drinking water pipes are often used plastic solenoid valves. A corresponding certificate, for example the DVGW approval, indicates suitability. For irrigation technology, home automation and other applications you need water pressure regulators - for example from RPE. These pressure switches reduce too high a water pressure in the line before certain consumers to the permissible value by the valve partially closing. Even before a valve, a dangerously high pressure can occur within a pipe. Install a water hammer damper, there, which in critical situations lowers the water pressure in the pipe by expanding a membrane. Safety technology also includes water monitor, for example from Staiger. When water comes out, a sensor emits a pulse that closes the solenoid valve and triggers an alarm.

Valves for hot water, steam and high pressure

Valves for hot water, steam and high pressure

In building services, special steam and hot water valves are also used, for example in heating systems. These valves are usually made of brass and a particularly temperature-resistant membrane. Steam also plays a role in many industrial applications. Very robust must also be valves that control fluids under high pressure, for example in compressors. For this purpose, one mainly uses the servo-controlled variant. In this context, pressure switches play a role, which can be connected to a solenoid valve. If the pressure of the medium reaches a critical value, a circuit closes or opens which controls the valve for pressure equalization. Pressure switches, for example from the manufacturer MA-TER, are mainly used when using steam or fluids under high pressure. To measure the pressure we also offer pressure gauges on. If you work with compressors, you will also find solenoid valves for air treatment. These dissipate the condensate created during drying of the compressed air.

Special valves for automation, dedusting systems and potentially explosive systems

Special valves for automation, dedusting systems and potentially explosive systems

Our product range also includes solenoid valves for many special applications, such as automation industrial automation. For this we offer 2/2 and 3/2 way valves. "2/2 way" means that there are two connections and with "open" or "closed" two possible switching positions. Three-way valves have one input and two outputs, allowing two circuits to be connected. Special valves are also available for vending machines. These are made of food-safe and FDA-certified material. Most of these are plastic solenoid valves. Furthermore, you will find special valves of the Mecair brand for dedusting. These systems purify the air in areas subject to heavy dust. In the case of dust susceptible to explosion and other potentially explosive areas, you need valves with the designation ATEX, that comply with the explosion protection directive of the same name. As a supplement to our range of all-fluid solenoid valves, we offer various accessories. This is how you will find connectors, with which you can connect the valves. There are variants in different designs, with or without cable. For your own valve configurations or for replacement, a large assortment of solenoids is available. And for time-controlled valve systems, you can also buy the right Timer here.